Welcome to the Grand-Canyon State

Gila Monster


Gila Monster

// :U yeah, i’m kinda curious how hot it gets here during the summer….if it waay hotter than the states. pffff—i’m doom.. Anyways, I’m doing fine. :D week one! And yes, i miss you guys too. ;u; //

// e3e i’m in the future~ mwhahah! But i’m still on hiatus~ uvu I’m just letting you guys know i’m doing fine and checking in on everyone. ;3; welp, see ya guys later!//


((do i want to make ahi navajo or pueblo

the pueblos are almost exclusive to NM, and are very culturally prominent people in the state, considering it’s most recognized for those odd-looking, earthy villages

and it makes more sense for an arizona to be navajo since the majority of the nation is in its borders, but AZ is a direct relative of NM so it’s not like a navajo NM would be impossible

i guess he could be both?? since the pueblo and navajo worked closely together u___u kinda like how OK is kiowa-apache))

// :D Oh hey, I’m Navajo and I’m from the north eastern part of Arizona. Just wanna let you know that Navajo and Hopi don’t really get along. If you need any question let me know. I’ll try to get back to answer when I’m not busy where I’m at. //

Going on Hiatus

[ Alright my cool followers and friends, today was my last day to be online and hope to see you guys later. ; w ; ) I’m sorry for being inactive and all, but I promise when I get back I’ll be active again. I’ll miss you guys very much, especially my friends. Love you guys and take care of yourself. uvu see ya later!

This goes for all my role-playing blog- NV, UT, AK, IL, and my cities-tan.

I’ll be back in December….hopefully. uwu Farewell everyone!]


ok i’m in arizona now

three things

  1. it constantly smells like shit. everywhere you go it smells like shit and i don’t know why
  2. there is absolutely nobody here? like nobody lives here. it’s so weird
  3. also it took 6 hours to get here and i’m tired


Wildcats heading to the Elite 8!! BEAR DOWN



Arizona is Elite, baby